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Advantages of high frequency switching power supply
Jul 07, 2017

Advantages of high frequency switching power supply

Independent research and development, the main transformer rectifier (won the national invention patent for utility model and appearance patents), the main transformer USES imported to amd crystal (also known as nanocrystalline soft magnetic materials in transformer core, unique structure, b area is large, cooling area is large, the cooling effect is good, excruciatingly easy implementation such as water cooling way; Excellent electrical performance, good coupling, low copper loss and low loss of iron, 98% conversion efficiency.


Multi-module, independent unit, cabinet type pattern, full seal, whole water cooling, all air cooling, wind water cooling and so on.

Compared with the controllable silicon rectifier, it has obvious energy saving advantages. It not only needs reactive power compensation silicon, but also the power factor is above 0.98.

Support the current mode on both sides of the electroplating tank, the control accuracy and the average pressure accuracy of both of the modules are up to 1%.

The network control system with full digital double-channel dual heat backup is adopted in the module, and the response speed is fast and the stability is strong.

Adopt the most advanced N + 1 superposition redundancy design in China, and realize the unbreakable operation of the production.

LED digital display, full computer all-digital intelligent control system, convenient and efficient control of production management and intervention DCS system.

Control mode adopts current control, control precision and undisturbed.

Full computer all-digital intelligent control system, convenient for production management and intervention DCS system, computer programs display and record data.

 Transient response time is less than 20ms.

Adopt unique sealed water cooling (air) structure, corrosion resistance is strong, water cooling system has the characteristics of quick heat dissipation, Hugh surface temperature is less than 45 (< water temperature 30 ), the cooling system adopts military power blower, high stability, the whole machine system heat dissipation effect is good.