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Rectifier cabinet control advantages of Zhongkai Power Rectifier Co.,ltd
Jun 13, 2017

Intelligent digital controller:

Each trigger controller has the independent power supply,synchronizing signal,DC feedback,AC feedback,Multichannel communication interface,digital regulation trigger control unit and pulse power amplifier . No shared channel,the system has the real hot redundancy control function.

The digital trigger controller adopts the fully-sealed structure design and takes the functions of preventing the corrosive gas, preventing damp and preventing high temperature; the external connection is provided with the aviation military plug with the characteristics of convenient maintenance and replacement and credible connection.

The current can be set on the touch screen,precision of the setting current  is 1A.  And the manner of working,A/B running channel,Manual/automatic (open loop/closed loop) and DC feedback/AC feedback,can be switched on the touch screen without current fluctuation.

Touch screen Can real-time display control angle,setting value,running current,Manual/automatic working mode,A/B channel,DC/AC feedback,and other working condition.

Digital trigger adopts software phase-locked loop technology,triggering pulse asymmetry degree is less than 0.05°.Non-characteristic harmonic current inputted into the power grid by rectifying devices is less.

The system has the real hot redundancy control function and enables to repair and replace the digital trigger and control panel without shutting down. After be replaced,the system can copy all dates of to the new digital trigger and control panel automatically and guarantee the new one put in a hot standby mode without shakedown test.


Touch screen control system of control cabinet can realize true hot redundancy function with host computer control system. Even if one of them damaged,the control system can run in normal.

Automatic fault detection function:

The digital trigger controller  can monitor and judge A/D converter of master controller,reference voltage,parameter storage,communication interface,synchronous circuit and CPU,and etc. If one of them malfunctions,the fault message will be displayed on the touch screen. 

All parameters can be set and saved through touch screen or host computer control system.The precision of control system is precise and the control system is high reliability.


When lacking any one phase sync signal, the trigger pulse will be outputted in normal and the lack phase report will be given.When lacking three phase sync signal,the trigger pulse will be outputted normally within one second.

Once the high-voltage switch trips or receives the blocking pulse instruction,the voltage and current returns to zero automatically. When the high-voltage switch is closed again, the current has no shock current .

Lack-phase protection and zero returning protection: When the synchronous voltage lacks phase,alarm signal will be given. When high-voltage system trips due to the fault,the returning to zero signal will be given  automatically, avoiding the shock current when the high-voltage switch closed again.