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What types of rectifiers are available?
Jan 22, 2018

A.Traditional silicon rectifier.

The silicon rectifier is a mainstream product with long history and mature technology.

1.Rectifier circuit.Three-phase voltage regulator is generally used in industrial production, and ordinary silicon rectifier with 50Hz three-phase frequency transformer is reduced.

2.Type of rectifier element.Rectifier components are commonly referred to as diodes.

B.Switching power supply.

It has the advantages of the smoothness of the waveform of the silicon rectifier and the convenient voltage regulation of the silicon-controlled rectifier, with the highest current efficiency (up to 90%) and the smallest volume, which is a promising rectifier.

C.Pulse power supply.

The pulse power supply is mainly controlled by the embedded monolithic computer, so in addition to the pulse output, there are many control functions.

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