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Do You Need HCR Rectifier
Nov 21, 2018

Do you need HCR rectifier? Discover more about our cost effective solutions here:

Zhongkai Power focus on the  High current rectifier  and control system,which widely applies in the Electrochemical, Metal smelting, water electrolysis, graphitizing furnace and Silicon carbide smelting. as well as other application.

The main parameters of our Thyristor / Diode High Current Rectifiers for Industrial Applications:

A)Voltage Specification:  5V - 3000V

B)  Current Specification:  300A - 240000A

C)  Output Current Adjusting Range: 0 - 1000A

D)  Rectifier Efficiency

what we  can do for you

Easy arrangement for Installation and Commissioning

Free Spares with supply

24x7 Support and Services + Spares availability

Assurance to attend breakdown within 24hrs

Performance Guarantee

ABB Corporate Culture

Corporate culture of Zhongkai Power Rectifier can be condensed into ABB.

A: Achievement.  Help client to achieve himself goals.

B: Benefit.  Let client gain maximum benefit from our solution.

B: Brand-making. The customer's satisfaction with our rectifier quality is our brand.

Find out more about our HCR rectifier and what we can do for you:

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