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Indian KNL Have Entered Agreement With Zhongkai Power
Aug 13, 2018

KNL is a provider of project development, estimation and execution services company in India. It is willing to provide the above assistance to Zhongkai to exploit HCR rectifier in Indian market.

Zhongkai is a designer and manufacturer of various equipment and provider of certain services, including but not limited to rectifiers for the refinery, petrochemical, fertilizer, chemical, energy industries, chloralkali industry, metal smelting industry.

KNL has been appointed as Zhongkai’s techno-commercial support service provider for clients in India.

HCR Rectifier.png

Zhongkai's advantage:

Easy arrangement for Installation and Commissioning

Free Spares with supply

24x7 Support and Services + Spares availability

Assurance to attend breakdown within 24hrs

Performance Guarantee