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May 03, 2017

Xi'an Zhongkai Power Rectifier Co.,Ltd. supplies the best Solution to meet all of your application requirements.  We design, manufacture and test high current rectifier systems for use in many heavy industrial projects such as electrolytics industry and metal industry and can be used as power supply for aluminum, magnesium, zinc, manganese and lead electrolysis, DC electric arc furnace melting, salt electrolysis, water electrolysis, graphitization furnace and silicon carbide and the power supply of similar load nature.

High current rectifiers

Electrical principle and description of high Current Rectifier(HCR)

The control loop of the control cabinet contains the fault signal detection circuit and trigger control circuit. The fault signal detection circuit mainly contains the corollary equipment failure and state quantity collection, DC current and DC voltage collection, rectifier transformer oil temperature and rectifier cooling water temperature and pressure collection. The trigger control circuit contains feedback signal disconnection and other protection functions. The running program is logic and has fault self-diagnosis alarm and handling system. For higher system operation reliability, the control system also has the zero start function. The control system of the device has two forms, as follows:

1 Fault signal detection circuit

Siemens programmable logic controller PLC is mainly used to achieve good collection and logic processing and the LCD touch screen is used to achieve detection and control.

2 Trigger control circuit

  Two channels are established for simultaneous working, one for system hot standby and the other for system working. In case of failure in the running channel, the online standby system is quickly and automatically converted to operation, effectively ensuring normal operation of the system. To achieve maximum power factor of the system and reduce the harmonic quantity, the control system is equipped with the combined operation system of α control angle and on-load switch. According to different load needs of the user, the programmable control system is used for program control, further improving the overall stability and reliability of equipment.


The main parameters of our High Current Rectifiers(HCR)for Industrial Applications:

A)Voltage Specification:  5V - 3000V

B)  Current Specification:  300A - 240000A

C)  Output Current Adjusting Range: 0 - 1000A