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Xi’an, More Than Terra Cotta Warriors
May 17, 2017

Xi'an is a world-famous tourist city, a treasure house of cultural relics. The remains of past civilizations furnish evidence of every major epoch in China's half a million history, making for a particularly illustrative textbook of Chinese culture.

Xi'an, then known as Chang'an, was the capital of China, the start of the Silk Road, and an important nexus of international trade and culture. Xi'an is the site of excavation of the vast army of terracotta warriors and horses from the tomb of China's First Emperor, Qin Shihuang, from whom the country derives its name. Qin Shihuang's terra-cotta warriors and horses, known as the eighth wonder of the world.

Xi'an has established modern Industry system now. It is the one of the large center of Chinese aircraft manufacturing,atellite navigation,electronic,textile industry,military industry,electrical equipment.

Xi'an Zhongkai Power Rectifier Co., Ltd. has become a famous high-tech enterprise with the ability of R&D, design, manufacture and sales in the production of High Current Rectifier (HRC), medium frequency power supply, high power high frequency power supply and rectifier control system,which usded in Electrochemical, Metal smelting, water electrolysis, graphitizing furnace and Silicon carbide smelting. And the enterprise has obtained the supporting of Xi'an high tech Development Zone Administrative Committee.

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