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Zhongkai HCR Rectifiers Are Very Popular In The Market
Aug 27, 2018

It is said Zhongkai's HCR rectifiers is among the mainstream rectifier models in the world and very popular in the market.

In this month,Zhongkai has signed 3 new agreements to extend market and service.

One of them is ZHS-300KA/185V rectifier,which is for production negative electrode materials in Sinkiang,northwest of China.

Other one is ZHS-210KA/200V rectifier,used for production Graphite electrodes,which is in Inner Mongolia,northwest of China.

And third one of them is KGFS-2000A/150V rectifier. This one is a high frequency switching power supply type,used for production anode materials,which is in Ningxia province,northwest of China.


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