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Zhongkai Power Rectifier Won The Bidding For Rectifier Control System Reconstruction Project Worth Almost RMB462000.00.Congratulation!
May 23, 2018

The factory is locaded in Shanxi province,middle of China.

The transformation and upgrading project includes a rectifier control cabinet(Mode type ZK-KS-25-6,2 sets),DC sensors(Mode type SDA-20KA/5V,2 sets) and the integrated automation system of the upper compute(Includes hardware, software and other installation and debugging accessories,2 sets). 

It will be finished within 40 days.

Touch screen control system of control cabinet.jpg

Zhongkai offers a variety of services:

1.High Current Rectifier unit field service,include troubleshooting, maintenance and repair. All service work is fully warranted.

2.Old High Current Rectifier unit renewal and digital controls and monitoring upgrading

3.Supply rectifier unit spare parts,include silicon diodes, SCR’s, meters, fuses, circuit boards, and transformers. 

More information,please see:www.zhongkai-rectifier.com