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Zhongkai Takes Leading Position In HCR Rectifier In China
Mar 13, 2018

After 20 years developing,Xi'an Zhongkai Power Rectifier Co., Ltd has become a famous high-tech enterprise with the ability of R&D, design,manufacture and sales in the production of rectifier power supply, medium frequency power supply,high power high frequency power supply and Automation control system,which usded in Electrochemical, Metal smelting, water electrolysis, graphitizing furnace and Silicon carbide smelting. And the enterprise will create more opportunities to cooperate with other countries in future.

Corporate culture of Zhongkai Power Rectifier can be condensed into ABB.

A:  Achievement.  Help client to achieve himself goals.

B: Benefit.  Let client gain maximum benefit from our solution.

B: Brand-making. The customer's satisfaction with our rectifier quality is our brand.

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High Current Rectifier

High frequency switch rectifier

Rectifier parts

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